• Laundry Basket of HAY is designed by BIG-GAME. With this handy storage solution your cloths will never lie on the floor anymore. A tidy room is guaranteed! This basket is available in two sizes in different colours.
  • HAY’s Seashell Collection is a series of shell-formed dishes in clear and coloured structured glass. They can be used for storing small items or purely for decorative purposes. Available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Seashell Collection is part of the RO collection. This collection is only available in HAY retail stores.
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  • Made in perforated iron, HAY’s multifunctional Perforated Bin can be used for storing a variety of items, such as office waste, laundry, umbrellas and many more. Available in two different colours and sizes.
  • As the name suggests, these coloured lidded bowls of HAY are perfect for storing bits and bobs – paperclips and business cards in the office, odds and ends in the kitchen or jewellery in the bathroom. The content is kept out of sight under richly coloured glass with a lid that is slightly larger in circumference than the bowl itself.
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  • € 22,00
    Volet Hook is designed by Dimitri Bähler for HAY. These hooks are made of anodized aluminium and can be used, mounted and put up anywhere. The folded metal wings conceal the screw, while the hook does the job. Volet Hook is available in several anodized colours: black, champagne and gold. One set contains two hooks.
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  • € 45,00
    This Casette is very useful for storage. These pouches are available in two sizes and different colours. Stay organized during your trip and use it as a travel pouch. Perfect for your important belongings!