• € 10,00
    This Clipper by HAY is a nail clipper in Carbon steel, gold plated. Perfectly designed and through its gold colour it looks really luxurious.
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  • This Delicate scissor by HAY is beautifully designed! It's made of carbon steel, gold plated.
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  • This Tan toothbrush is designed by Andreas Engesvik, manufactured by Jordan. It is made of plastic and available in a beautiful colour range.
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  • € 15,00
    Ruban Mirror is designed by Inga Sempé for HAY. These series of mirrors has a polyester ribbon around the mirror. Nice fact: this ribbon is also the hanging element! These beautiful square and rectangular mirrors are available in different colours, perfect for in your hallway, livingroom, bathroom or bedroom. Funky accdents like brass and oak veneer give this mirror an extra and stylish touch.
  • € 19,00
    HAY’s hand wash comprises an organic, colour- and paraben-free liquid soap with a green mandarin fragrance. The product is manufactured in France and comes in a plastic biodegradable container with a pump dispenser. A matching Dishwash is also available.
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