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    This handy and practical plastic Tool Box is designed by Shane Schneck. This Tool Box has extra compartments at the sides and top of the handle to optimise storage space. This Box is available in two colours.
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  • € 18,00
    Cane Key Ring by HAY is designed by Kutarq Studio. Two colours are combined in each key ring. Cane Key Ring is available in three different colour combinations.  
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    € 12,00
    These beautiful minimalistic designed hangers from HAY are available in copper, silver and black and are packed as a set of 5 pcs. Soft Yellow + Nude = coming soon. 
  • With a broad shouldered body in rubber coated wood and a hook in anodized aluminium the Soft Coat Hangers will not drop heavy coats and outerwear making them suitable for wardrobes and hallways. The hangers are simple and noble in their design and embossed with a HAY logo. Set of 4 pcs.
  • € 205,00
    Loop Stand of HAY is designed by Leif Jørgensen. This stand comends in two sizes: wardrobe and hall stand. This beautiful and minimalistic design is a simplification of the industrial trestle and is designed with three legs. Available in a variety of colours.
  • € 99,00
    Hook by HAY is a beautiful wall hook. It's made from a steamed ash strip with integrated wall fixings. This hook will look beautiful in your hallway and is ideally suitable to hang jackets and coats.
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  • € 59,00
    Bracket by HAY is designed by Sylvain Willenz. This wall panel is made from one single pressed sheet of steel. The inspiration for this object is the archetypal and common shelf-bracket, generally reserved for use in the garage or the workshop. Here the bracket principle is celebrated and re-contextualised for the living environment. Bracket is available in different colours and sizes.  
  • € 10,00
    Tote Bag of HAY is designed by Bernhard Willhelm. This funky bag can be used for different purposes and it comes in different colours.
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  • € 115,00
    Beam of HAY is designed by Big-Game. The metal bar is not just a beam were you can slide the wooden hooks on, but also a shelf with an edge that keeps smaller items in place above the hooks. Beam is available in two sizes in light grey and charcoal.
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  • € 22,00
    Volet Hook is designed by Dimitri Bähler for HAY. These hooks are made of anodized aluminium and can be used, mounted and put up anywhere. The folded metal wings conceal the screw, while the hook does the job. Volet Hook is available in several anodized colours: black, champagne and gold. One set contains two hooks.
  • HAY's Colour Crate is a multifunctional plastic crate with ventilated and stackable design in a variety of different colours.
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  • € 39,00
    HAY's Shade Bin is designed by Thomas Bentzen. With its clean and distinct silhouette, the Shade Bin combines utility with elegance for office waste. Made in durable polypropylene, the rubbish bin has a matching lid and is available in several colours.
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  • Made in perforated iron, HAY’s multifunctional Perforated Bin can be used for storing a variety of items, such as office waste, laundry, umbrellas and many more. Available in two different colours and sizes.
  • € 129,00
    HAY's Coat Rack is a rhombus-shaped coat rack with smooth circular rods for hanging coats. Made in ash, with a choice of oiled or black-painted finishes.
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    HAY's Colour Crate is a multifunctional plastic crate with ventilated and stackable design in a variety of different colours.
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