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    € 25,00
    Lup by HAY is a beautiful candle holder. This candle holder is a true bestseller and gives an atmospheric addition to your interior! HAY Lup is available in brass and black and comes in two different shapes.   
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  • € 25,00
    Kutter by HAY is multifunctional! This oval metal candle holder is designed to hold a tea light and candle stick on each side. Kutter is available in a variety of colours and will look beautiful in your dining- and living room!
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  • € 45,00
    HAY Lup Wall is a candle holder in brass. It is a wall-mounted version of Lup. This wall candle holder will look beautiful in your interior! It's inspired by a classic candle holder design, now released by HAY in various forms. Which one do you prefer?
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  • Moment of HAY is designed by Lars Beller Fjetland. This ingenious cast-iron candlestick is designed to automatically extinguish candles just before the wick burns out. Note: the Moment candlestick is a new HAY product, so the delivery time is longer than normal.
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