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    € 12,00
    This Flowerpot by HAY looks like a traditional Flowerpot and is made of polystone. Polystone is a mix of crumbled stones and resin. Polystone has a natural feeling, is light weighted and completely water resistant. The flowerpot is available in two colours and four sizes and comes with a saucer. Note: these flowerpots are not suitable for outdoor use.
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  • Tree Trunk Vase of HAY is designed by Richard Woods and is part of the extended HAY collection. This hand-painted vase is shaped like tree trunks. Available in different sizes and colours.Note: Tree Trunk Vase green is a new product with a longer delivery time.
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  • Paper Porcelain vase of HAY is designed by Scholten & Baijings and is made in Japan. This vase is inspired by paper and comes in two different sizes. A beautiful vase for your colourful flowers!  
    Delivery time 2-4 weeks
  • € 69,00
    Cacti is designed by Lina Cofán. Good news: you don't need green fingers for these cactus plants! These cacti are made of ceramic and available in three different designs. Get the nature in a fast and easy way in your house!
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  • € 29,00
    HAY's Bottle is designed by Sebastian Wrong. This Bottle is made in borosilicate glass, making it extra resilient as it is resistant to temperature change. Available in two sizes in clear glass and finished with a convenient cork stopper.
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  • € 45,00
    This Colour Vase of HAY is designed by Scholten & Baijings. Curved forms with subtle lines create a warm and contemporary look. The glass vases comes in different sizes and colour to suit your beautiful flowers.
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  • € 69,00
    Iris Vase is part of Clara Von Zweigbergk's Iris collection for HAY. Soft forms with sharp edges are combined with muted tones to create a mild yet distinctive expression in Iris Vase. The ultra-thin porcelain has been handcrafted in Japan and left unglazed to create a matt finish that reinforces the vase's understated elegance. Available in a variety of heights and colours.
    Note: new product / Longer delivery time 7-10 weeks
  • The Turkish Cylinder Glass Bottle by HAY is made in Turkey in clear glass and is suitable for use as a vase or container.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks / Note: new product - longer delivery time possible