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    HAY's Mood Mask is a colourful collection of papier mâché masks. Mood Mask is hand-painted in India, giving each mask a unique, one-of-a-kind quality. Use the masks as part of a costume or hang them on the wall as decorative 3D art. The masks fasten at the back with a silky ribbon and are available in a variety of colours and facial expressions.
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  • € 99,00
    Analog Wall clock of HAY is designed by Shane Schneck. This clock is a modern update on the classic analog wall clock and has a rounded surface that gives it a three-dimensional appeal. The design is simple, minimalistic, fresh and will look great in your home or office!
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  • € 29,00
    With a clean, handle-free design and elongated spout for easy watering, Shane Shneck’sWatering Can is a durable and timeless object with interesting design proportions.Made in weatherproof plastic in different colour options.
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