• € 4,00
    Strike is a collection of redesigned match boxes from HAY. Strike is available in seven different dimensions and colours. The design is based on keeping the original functionality of a match box, combined with a colourful cardboard box.  
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  • € 35,00
    This versatile wall-hung clothes hanger is just as much a sculpture as a clothes hanger. The rings are inspired by real gym hooks. The can be freely placed on the wall and will lighten up any room with its playfulness and interesting combination possibilities.  
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  • € 20,00
    If you can't decide what to buy for that special person - or just want to let them make up their own mind? The HAY Gift Card is a perfect present! If you need a different amount, please contact us.
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  • € 99,00
    Analog Wall clock of HAY is designed by Shane Schneck. This clock is a modern update on the classic analog wall clock and has a rounded surface that gives it a three-dimensional appeal. The design is simple, minimalistic, fresh and will look great in your home or office!
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  • € 8,00
    Mood Mask is a colourful collection of papier mâché masks. Mood Mask is hand-painted in India, giving each mask a unique, one-of-a-kind quality. Use the masks as part of a costume or hang them on the wall as decorative 3D art. The masks fasten at the back with a silky ribbon and are available in a variety of colours and facial expressions.
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