Floor lamps 

  • € 259,00
    Pion Light of Wrong London for HAY is designed by Bertjan Pot. This durable composite paper lamp provides a clean, diffused light. Its aluminium frame and carbon fibre rod allows for easy assembly, while its shade is UV stable and flame resistant. The larger model is supplied with a dimmable LED bulb and in-line dimmer switch.  
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  • Rope Trick floor lamp of HAY is designed by Stefan Diez for Wrong London for HAY. This lamp integrates LED technology within a dynamic new form, challenging the idea of a conventional floor light. An original means of adjustment provides both a downward reading light and a diffused uplighter, both dimmable. Nice detail: you can remodel the rope, so you can give it your own twist!
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  • Wrong London designed these versatile floor and table lamp cast-iron bases, allowing the different designs of Shades to be fitted onto them. Strong, sturdy and honest, these bases are supplied with bulbs.
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