Hanging lamps 

  • € 165,00
    HAY's Marble Pendant is a set of pendant lamps made from marble. The hemisphere has a recessed removable flat light source that produces both downward light and a diffused side light that allows the edge of the marble to be illuminated. The light fitting is dimmable, long lasting and easy to change. Marble Pendant is available in white, black and green.
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  • HAY's Sinker Pendant Light is beautifully proportioned and is made from injection moulded ABS and contains an acrylic convex diffuser that emits an even warm illumination. The shade is supplied in black, red, dusty grey or white finish and comes with a dimmable LED bulb. The pendant is available in large and small.  
  • HAY's 30Degrees Pendant Lamp is designed by Johan van Hengel. This young furniture and product designer creates a simple, elegant and useful design. 30Degrees is a series of veneered oak lamps with cordset that utilise a 30 degree angle to create a continuous woodgrain pattern. This lamp is available in different dimensions in natural.
  • Featuring a classic circular lantern design in lightweight paper and ribbed bamboo frame, HAY’s Rice Paper lampshade emits a soft light and can be used anywhere in the home. Available in three sizes.Note: Cord set is not included.