Are you looking for beautiful, unique, Scandinavian and affordable design accessories? You have come to the right place! We can help you to find stylish items to decorate your living room. Cushions, plaids, flower pots, candle holders, serving trays, clocks, vases and storage boxes; you will find all of these in the HAY collection. We also offer beautiful accessories for your bath- and bedroom or kitchen. In our large design collection, you will always find something to your liking. HAY has also produced some very nice and colourful toys for kids, so also for the younger generation you will be able to find a nice present.

  • € 19,00
    This decorative hand fom HAY is polished by hand and forms a real eye-catcher for your home! 
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • This colourful and playful carpet from HAY is named after a Danish candy: little sugarcoated licorice balls. This carpet will make you smile troughout the day! Pinocchio is handmade in Nepal where every single ball is felted by hand. HAY Pinocchio is available in two sizes.  
    Delivery time 2-5 weeks
  • € 185,00
    The Peas Carpet from HAY gives ambience and warmth to your interior! Perfect for the living room, but it also works very well in the bedroom or hallway. HAY Peas is available in five sizes and is part of the HAY RUG collection: rugs made by small local businesses in Nepal and India, to promote sustainability and empowerment in the countries of origin.
    Delivery time 2-4 weeks
  • € 789,00
    The Colour Carpet from HAY is a collection of six different carpet designs, each with its very own character and display of colours. Scholten & Baijings have created optical transparency by using colour gradients, which makes it a true piece of art for the floor! The tufted carpets are made of 100% wool.  
    Delivery time 2-8 weeks / No 2. 10-14 weeks
  • € 329,00
    Who doesn't want such a nice carpet from HAY in their house? These Dot Carpets consist of more than thousand felted balls and are stitched together by hand. They are made of 100% fooled wool.  
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks / Electric Green temporarily out of stock
  • € 4,00
    Strike is a collection of redesigned match boxes from HAY. Strike is available in seven different dimensions and colours. The design is based on keeping the original functionality of a match box, combined with a colourful cardboard box.  
    In stock
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    € 12,00
    This Flowerpot by HAY looks like a traditional Flowerpot and is made of polystone. Polystone is a mix of crumbled stones and resin. Polystone has a natural feeling, is light weighted and completely water resistant. The flowerpot is available in two colours and four sizes and comes with a saucer. Note: these flowerpots are not suitable for outdoor use.
    In stock
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    € 25,00
    Lup by HAY is a beautiful candle holder. This candle holder is a true bestseller and gives an atmospheric addition to your interior! HAY Lup is available in brass and black and comes in two different shapes.   
    In stock
  • € 145,00
    This Marble Tray with an edge from HAY is perfect in its simplicity. An eye-catcher by itself, or as a showcase for other beautiful items. HAY Marble tray is available in two sizes.
    In stock
  • This handy spirograph drawing set from HAY is ideal for making various figures. Fun your young and old! The drawing set consists of two circular frames, four drawing wheels and five pens.  
    In stock
  • € 25,00
    Give your laptop keyboard and screen a fresh start with this soft brush from HAY made of natural beech wood and horsehair. It will keep your workspace clean!
    In stock
  • € 25,00
    Sharp as a knife, beautiful design and super functional: the Phi Scissors from HAY has it all! With its gold plated handles in Phi shape this scissors is a must-have for every office, kitchen or studio. HAY Phi Scissors are available in two sizes.
    In stock

HAY home accessories

The HAY collection offers beautiful, unique, Scandinavian, but still affordable design accessories. HAY has developed its collection in a joint effort with renowned top designers, like Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and the Dutch duo Scholten and Baijings, and has succeeded in producing outstanding and unique items.

Large assortment

The HAY home accessories collection has a large assortment of many different products. In addition to the extensive furniture collection, HAY’s accessories collection offers many beautiful items to style your living room. Cushions, plaids, and other accessories such as flower pots, candle holders, serving trays, clocks, vases and storage boxes; the HAY collection has it all. The collection also contains larger home accessories. Practical, beautiful and minimalistic coat racks such as the Loop stand and unique wall shelves like the Pivot, developed by Dutch designer Lex Pott. In addition to items for the living room, the large design collection includes items for the bath- and bedroom and kitchen.


One of HAY’s most famous home accessories is the Wooden Hand. This decorative wooden hand is hand polished. Nice to know: each part of the hand can be moved separately. Real eye-catchers in your home are the Lup and the Lup wall. With its nice, simple design this beautiful candle holder is an attractive addition to any room in your home! Lup is available in a copper and a black version. Also, there are two different shapes, one rectangular and one triangular. Lup Wall is the wall version of the Lup candle holder. This brass candle holder took its inspiration from a classic design and is also available in different shapes. Very beautiful on its own, but also very attractive in a group of several candle holders.

Bathroom, kitchen and bedroom

HAY also offers many nice bathroom accessories! How about a new bathroom mirror? Or unique design towels, bathmats and tooth brushes?

Our collection of kitchen accessories includes kitchenware, glasses, kitchen textiles, tableware and kitchen towels.
Most times bedrooms are not a priority as it comes to styling, but this room can also be decorated with attractive home accessories by HAY. Unique and minimalistic, but affordable coat hangers and hooks, such as the Gym Hook, Volet Hook and Iso. Our warm cushions and plaids, such as the Polygon Quilt, are ideal to style your bed. These quilted blankets with hexagonal patterns will bring a warm feeling in your bedroom and make a beautifully styled bed. In this quilted blanket, HAY combined modern design and a funky colour scheme with the traditional quilt technique. The result is a unique and modern item!

Children and toys

HAY offers something for everyone and also remembered the little ones. There are several items in the collection for children. For example, the Pieces ’n Play. This domino game is ideal for kids who love colour! Another nice gift is the drawing set. The practical Spirograph drawing set is ideal to draw many figures and is a nice gift for old and young!

Online versus Store

Are you not yet sure which product or gift you are looking for? Or would you like to see the entire HAY home accessories collection in real life? That is of course, possible in one of the HAY stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The entire HAY collection is on display in these stores. If you need more information or have any questions about our furniture and accessories collection, we will also be able to help you out in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Online: quick and easy

If you already know exactly which HAY home accessory you would like to buy and you don’t need any more advice, then we can help you in our online shop. It’s really easy to order all HAY products in our web shop. Delivery is free when you place an order from € 20,-. 

If you are looking for a good bargain on home accessories, we might have something just for you in the outlet section of our web shop. We often add new great deals, so make sure you check our outlet regularly!