• This colourful and playful carpet from HAY is named after a Danish candy: little sugarcoated licorice balls. This carpet will make you smile troughout the day! Pinocchio is handmade in Nepal where every single ball is felted by hand. HAY Pinocchio is available in two sizes.  
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • € 185,00
    The Peas Carpet from HAY gives ambience and warmth to your interior! Perfect for the living room, but it also works very well in the bedroom or hallway. HAY Peas is available in five sizes and is part of the HAY RUG collection: rugs made by small local businesses in Nepal and India, to promote sustainability and empowerment in the countries of origin.
    Delivery time 2-4 weeks
  • € 789,00
    The Colour Carpet from HAY is a collection of six different carpet designs, each with its very own character and display of colours. Scholten & Baijings have created optical transparency by using colour gradients, which makes it a true piece of art for the floor! The tufted carpets are made of 100% wool.  
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks / Colour Carpet 01 delivery time 3-6 weeks
  • € 329,00
    Who doesn't want such a nice carpet from HAY in their house? These Dot Carpets consist of more than thousand felted balls and are stitched together by hand. They are made of 100% fooled wool.  
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • The Zip Purse designed by HAY is a little bag which can be used as a pencil case or make up purse and is also usefull as a wallet. Zip Tablet is a perfect cover for your tablet.
    In stock
  • € 8,00
    This Dish Mat from HAY made from wool, will protect your table from hot pots and pans. They are available in Dark grey and Sand.
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  • € 2,00
    This Coaster from HAY is made of felted dark grey or sand-coloured wool and will protect delicate surfaces from hot and cold drinks.
    In stock
  • € 159,00
    With its characteristic round dots HAY has created the series of Mega Dot Bed covers and Baby Dot Quilts. Adding a modern design and colour scheme to traditional quilting techniques and with the modern design and colours the quilts become contemporary rather than traditional.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • € 25,00
    Cold Forest, Box, Gradient, Kitchen Tiles and Hanging Grid are the names of the tea towels. All towels are woven. The use of bright fluorescent yarns is recognizable as work of Scholten & Baijings. The tea towels are packed in sets of two each with it's own colour but the same design. 
    In stock
  • € 29,00
    This series of towels designed by Scholten & Baijings for HAY is by the various textures and colours a real eye-catcher for your bathroom.  The perfect balance between a subtle and striking design makes these towels unique. These towels are made of waffle weave, this fabric absorbs and dries fast.
    In stock
  • The colourful Boucherouite by HAY rugs are contemporary rag rugs of rural Morocco. The traditional patterns of geometric shapes and zigzags were extended to highly individual styles, free from all rules.  This mix of using contemporary materials and personalised patterns leaves much room for the unexpected and surprising and makes every single Boucherouite a unique rug.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • € 19,00
    Tote Bag of HAY is designed by Nathalie Du Pasquier. This funky bag can be used for different purposes and it comes in different prints.
    On stock