Are you looking for new cool bathroom accessories, for your own bathroom or as a gift? Don’t look further, HAY has something for everyone! Are you interested in a new bathroom mirror? Or are you looking for some new unique design towels, bath mats and tooth brushes? HAY cooperates with talented designed to offer an inspiring collection bathroom accessories. Do you have a lack of time to shop these items? offers the entire HAY collection design accessories.


Wide range of bathroom accessories

Are you looking for new bathroom accessories? For your own bathroom or as a gift? You don’t have enough time to buy these items in one of the HAY stores? Don’t look further, visit our online shop. Ordering online is very easy these days! In our webshop we offer a wide range of bathroom accessories.

Cooperation with talented designers

Are you interested in a new bathroom mirror? Or a cool bag to store your toiletries? The HAY bathroom collection contains minimalistic tooth – and hairbrushes, graphically wrapped tissues, scrub gloves, funky bathmats and golden nail clippers. HAY cooperated with several talented designers to create these unique, modern and beautiful items.

Scholten & Baijings

The Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings is responsible for various designs of the HAY bathroom collection. Since 2000, Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings have achieved national and international recognition as designers. Their work stands out for its minimalistic character and is very rich in detail. Also, Scholten & Baijings have a super feeling for colour and material. A wonderful example of this handwriting is the use of graphic designs and triangular shapes in their colorful towel collection for HAY. The journey to the end product is just as important to them as the end result. The end product is a beautiful balance between functionality, refinement and design. Their towel collection for HAY is a perfect example of a design that is both subtle and, at the same time, outstanding. Their unique approach has resulted in many museums adding their designs to its collections.

Nathalie Du Pasquier & Jody Barton

HAY also asked Nathalie Du Pasquier to share her ideas on the category group bathroom accessories. With a good sense of colour and great eye for graphic design, Nathalie is always able to create something completely new. The result is her unique collection of bathroom products for HAY. HE SHE IT includes a towel, bath towel and a beach towel. These colorful, funky and playful towels are made of soft cotton.

Are you looking for a nice bag to store your toiletries? Jody Barton designed the Dot Wash Bag. Dot Wash Bag is a series of different dot bags which can be used for different purposes. It comes in different variations with black and white dots. This bag will keep your toiletries together!