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Are you looking for beautiful, unique and affordable home accessories of HAY? Stop looking and take a look in the broad collection of HAY, the leading Scandinavian design brand. The HAY accessories collection will be a guaranteed success for in your home or as a nice present.

Cushions, plaids, flower pots and more pottery, candle holders, trays, clocks, vases and a broad collection of colourful storage boxes. The accessories of HAY are compatible with every interior.

  • € 185,00
    The Peas Carpet from HAY gives ambience and warmth to your interior! Perfect for the living room, but it also works very well in the bedroom or hallway. HAY Peas is available in five sizes and is part of the HAY RUG collection: rugs made by small local businesses in Nepal and India, to promote sustainability and empowerment in the countries of origin.
    Delivery time 2-5 weeks
  • € 20,00
    If you can't decide what to buy for that special person - or just want to let them make up their own mind? The HAY Gift Card is a perfect present! If you need a different amount, please contact us.
    On stock
  • The Eclectic collection consists of new and old textiles from the studio and archives of Kvadrat where HAY has handpicked each of the 18 new fabrics. Ranging from velvet and bouclé to wool the collection mixes colors, weaving methods, textures, structures and patterns to create a diverse collection reflecting the feeling and style of HAY.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • € 15,00
    Container by HAY is a practical glass jar with matching lid. Use this jar made of borosilicate glass for organising and storing small items. This Container is available in three sizes in different tones of glass. 
    On stock
  • € 185,00
    Checked Out plaid by HAY is crafted in extra fine merino wool to create the feeling of lightness, yet retaining plenty of warmth. Tightly woven in a thin quality, it features a reverse colour on the backside and short tassels at the ends. Available in three checked patterns in three different colours.
    On stock
  • € 19,00
    This decorative hand fom HAY is polished by hand and forms a real eye-catcher for your home! 
    On stock
  • Time is an minimalistic and elegant hourglass designed by HAY. This hourglass is available in three sizes and all different colours.  
    Delivery time 2-4 weeks
  • € 215,00
    Colour Plaid of HAY is designed by Scholten & Baijings. This plaid comprises varied widths of stripes combined in alternating soft and intense colours. Crafted in lightweight merino wool for a soft and luxious feel. Colour plaid is available in different colours and looks beautiful on your couch or bed!
    On stock
  • The collection of Dot Cushions by HAY is characterized by the contrasting buttons in the middle. The fabrics used for the Dot Cushions are furniture fabrics, very durable and high quality. Now available in a variety of colours and shapes. These cushions are perfect to combine!
    On stock
  • HAY’s Raw Rug NO 2 is a series of tightly tufted rectangular rugs made from soft wool with a cotton backing. Raw Rug No 2 is an updated version of the previous Raw Rug and is available in more sizes and colours. Raw Rug NO 2 comes without fringes.
  • € 185,00
    The bright Plus 9 plaid by HAY combines colourful geometric plus signs and squares of sections of soft and intense colours. The plaid is double-woven with delicate thin-spun wool and finished with a stitched edge. This plaid is available in four different colours and looks beautiful on your couch or bed!
    In stock
  • € 165,00
    This cool retro mirror designed by HAY is decorative and fits in every interior. The mirror is ideal for the hallway, livingroom or bedroom. It can be placed everywhere as long there hangs a hook. The mirror is easy to hang by its strap. It's available in two sizes.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks / ø70cm Anthracite 2-5 weeks

HAY – Home stylish and affordable accessories

If you are looking for beautiful home accessories to boost your living room, which are affordable and unique? Stop looking, with the home accessories of HAY you cannot miss. HAY worked together with famous and leading designers to produce a well thought-out accessory line for every part of your home.

Wide products range of designer accessories

In our accessory line for the home HAY thought of everything, small styling items that give even the smallest corner in the room a boost to big gestures to really emphasize part of your living room. Very minimalistic, rich colours or decorative, HAY has it all. The HAY home collection ranges from: cushions, plaids, candle holders, vases, flower pots, clocks and storage boxes to bigger home accessories such as the minimalistic wall shelves “Pivot” and the Wrong London lighting collection. Lex Pott designed the Pivot (see Pivot 1) as a smart shelving system that you also can use for a corner. The Pivot will be a perfect eye catcher in your living room!

Bestsellers Accessories

One of the most popular products in the home accessories of HAY is without a doubt the wooden hand. This decorative wooden hand is polished by hand. Nice detail: the fingers of the wooden hand are movable. Other runners from the HAY collection are the Lup and the Lup wall. They are truly a decorative addition to your interior. The Lup is available in copper and black and is available in different shapes: triangular or square. The Lup wall is available in messing and is available in different shapes. All the possibilities, you just have to choose!

Cushions and Plaids

To create a warm and comfortable home is very important. To obtain the cozy and intimate atmosphere in your house, check out the HAY collection of cushions and plaids. HAY offers a wide range of cushions, blankets and plaids. For example the “Mega Knit”, it is plaid made from 100% wool. It is woven with a double weaving technique, so that the plaid keeps its quality. The quilted edge makes the design complete and gives it a rich feeling.

HAY became famous with the DOT collection: cushions that have a colourful dot in the middle. The fabrics HAY uses are of the highest quality (Kvadrat) and suitable for furniture. All the cushions are even better in a combination of colours and size. It makes the sofa or the bed look playful.

Accessories buy Online vs the store

If you cannot find what you are looking for online, or you would like to see and touch the entire HAY collection, we are more than happy to help you out in one of the HAY stores. We will be near you very soon, for now you can find us in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


You know what you want? Shops are closed or it rains outside? No worries, you can order the entire HAY collection online. It is very simple, go to the web shop and choose your product. The products are delivered for free to your home from EUR 20,00. If you are looking for a bargain, please check out our HAY outlet section on the web shop.