• € 145,00
    Noc Light is designed by Smith Matthias for Wrong London for HAY. Noc is a universal clamp light with a faceted die cast aluminium shade. Its machined aluminium stem and clamp offers two points of adjustment and can be used on tabletops, shelves and headboards. Available in dark grey, off white, red and green. Supplied with an LED retrofit bulb and 4 m cord.  
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • € 185,00
    Pion Light of Wrong London for HAY is designed by Bertjan Pot. This durable composite paper lamp provides a clean, diffused light. Its aluminium frame and carbon fibre rod allows for easy assembly, while its shade is UV stable and flame resistant. The larger model is supplied with a dimmable LED bulb and in-line dimmer switch.  
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • € 245,00
    Cloche Light is designed by Lars Beller Fjetland for Wrong London for HAY. The table lamp Cloche provides direct light and makes the lamp perfect for desks. Its black powder coated arm and off-set cast iron base creates a visual imbalance, resembling the suspension of a traditional dining cloche. The shade is available in powder coated black and polished brass.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks / brass out of stock next 9 weeks
  • Sinker Pendant Light is designed by Wrong London for HAY. This lamp is beautifully proportioned and is made from injection moulded ABS and contains an acrylic convex diffuser that emits an even warm illumination. The shade is supplied in black, red, dusty grey or white finish and comes with a dimmable LED bulb. The pendant is available in large and small.  
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • Rope Trick floor lamp of HAY is designed by Stefan Diez for Wrong London for HAY. This lamp integrates LED technology within a dynamic new form, challenging the idea of a conventional floor light. An original means of adjustment provides both a downward reading light and a diffused uplighter, both dimmable. Nice detail: you can remodel the rope, so you can give it your own twist!
    Delivery time 6-8 weeks / Black longer delivery time
  • Turn on is a beautifully unified piece of design by Wrong London for HAY, made from aluminium and opal glass. The base is a faceted cylinder that works as both the light switch and the stem that holds the spherical glass light in place. The base comes in four anodised finishes: black, aluminium, orange or green. Turn On is a design made at human scale, effortlessly simple and pleasing to touch.
    On stock
  • This 30Degree lamp is designed by Johan van Hengel. This young furniture and product designer creates a simple, elegant and useful design. 30Degree is a series of veneered oak lampshades that utilise a 30degree angle to create a continuous woodgrain pattern. This lampshade is available in different dimensions.
    Delivery time 2-4 weeks
  • € 145,00
    Noc Wall Light is designed by Smith Matthias for Wrong London for HAY. Noc is a universal wall lamp with a faceted die cast aluminium shade. Its offers two points of adjustment. This lamp is perfect next to your bed or desk, or use this wall lamp in your living room. Available in dark grey and white. Supplied with a bulb and 2 m cord.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • € 165,00
    Marble Pendant of Wrong.London is a set of pendant lamps made from marble. The hemisphere has a recessed removable flat light source that produces both downward light and a diffused side light that allows the edge of the marble to be illuminated. The light fitting is dimmable, long lasting and easy to change. Marble Pendant is available in white, black and green.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • Accordion Shade is a removable conical pleated shade suitable for use as a table or floor light. The cover is fitted onto a parchment cone and made from a pleated textile sleeve in a variety of designs from the new Wrong.London collection. It is available in two sizes: Small and Large.  
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • PC is a refined and precisely engineered task lamp designed by Pierre Charpin. This lamp has a polycarbonate head and aluminium arms and base. The design conceals gas springs that enable the arms and head to hold their position wherever they are moved to. An integrated touch dimmer switch with a memory automatically turns off after six hours. PC is available in black, light grey and green.
    Delivery time 1-3 weeks
  • € 70,00
    Drum Shade by HAY is a fabric covered light shade with a laminated textile onto a parchment drum with a wire frame. The Drum Shade is supplied with a polypropylene removable diffuser that can be used on all applications. The Drum Shade is suitable for use as a table light, floor or suspension and is available in two sizes: Small and Large.
    Out of stock next 8 weeks