• € 15,00
    HAY's Knot is available in different colours and sizes. Place this elegant and minimalist decorative object on your table or in your bookcase.
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  • HAY’s Shower Curtain features gradient stripes in vertical or horizontal directions that add a subtle touch of colour to the bathroom. Made in waterproof polyester with metal rings and grommets. Aquarelle is available in different colour options.
  • Designed by George Sowden, the Sowden Coffee Tin is a colourful stainless steel container with an airtight lid that is suitable for coffee and other dry foods. Available in a variety of colours.
  • € 39,00
    HAY's Shade Bin is designed by Thomas Bentzen. With its clean and distinct silhouette, the Shade Bin combines utility with elegance for office waste. Made in durable polypropylene, the rubbish bin has a matching lid and is available in several colours.
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  • HAY’s Botanical Family series comprises a series of brass and ceramic plant pots with matching saucers. The pots are available in different colours and sizes and can be combined to contrast the different materials. Note: pot and saucer are sold separately.
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  • Made in perforated iron, HAY’s multifunctional Perforated Bin can be used for storing a variety of items, such as office waste, laundry, umbrellas and many more. Available in two different colours and sizes.
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  • PC Portable Lamp by Pierre Charpin for HAY is a refined and portable freestanding lamp for indoor and outdoor use. Constructed in robust plastic and featuring a matte scratch- and water- resistant finish, its battery-powered design gives the freedom and flexibility to move it anywhere. This lamp is ideal for domestic environments, as well as at cafés, restaurants and other public areas.
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  • The Six-Colour bag is a special edition of SUSAN BIJL's signature 'The New Shopping Bag', designed by SUSAN BIJL and Bertjan Pot for HAY. The 2 designers bring minimalism, sustainability and functionality together in this colourful bag, made of long lasting and water-repellent ripstop nylon.
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  • € 29,00
    Tiny air bubbles in the glass create a distinctive pattern that makes this vase decorative with or without flowers. The combination of solid, weighty glass and the airy lightness of the bubbles results in a vase that manages to be both elegant and original at the same time. Available in two different sizes.
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  • € 45,00
    Get organised with HAY's Box Box boxes. These boxes are made in thick cardboard and have a matching lid. Combine different colours and sizes of these sophisticated storage boxes to organise your office supplies, jewellery and other smaller items. Set of 4 pcs.Stripe grey not yet available
  • € 49,00
    HAY's Panier is designed by Inga Sempé. These metal baskets are available in different shapes and colours and are food-safe. Panier is designed as a bread basket, but is also suitable for storing other items.
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  • € 145,00
    Vertical opaque and clear stripes create a subtle colour variance in Kristine Five Melvær’s Juice glass vase collection. Available in two sizes in three different colour combinations.