HAY offers many beautiful design glasses. So if you are looking for a nice gift or a real eye-catcher for your dinner table, you will certainly be able to find something in the HAY collection. 


Colour Glass is one of the most famous and best-selling glass collections by HAY, designed by the Dutch duo Scholten & Baijings. They also designed the ceramics collection Paper Porcelain for HAY (coffee cup), which took its inspiration from the folding of paper. 

The design of the glasses and carafes in the Tela collection by London-based Silo Studio were inspired by the texture of stitched textile. In addition, HAY studio also created a simple, minimalistic, and very affordable glass collection. So, if you are looking for a beautiful present or for functional and affordable glassware, you will always be able to find what you are looking for in the HAY collection!

HAY glasses

If you are interested in buying design glasses, we have the perfect collection for you. HAY offers a large assortment of glasses. In our design glassware collection, we cooperated with many famous designers to create a unique, Scandinavian and special collection. HAY’s glass collection consists of beautiful wine glasses, champagne glasses and water glasses. We offer our entire glass collection also online through our webshop Buying HAY products have never been easier!

Colour Glass

Colour Glass is one of the best known and best selling glass collections by HAY. This design collection of elegant glasses was created by the Dutch duo Scholten & Baijings. The handwriting of the designers is obvious from the graphic designs and colorful accents. The collection offers low and high water glasses, white and red wine glasses, champagne glasses and water carafes.

Ceramics or glass?

Another stunning ceramics collection for HAY by Scholten & Baijings is Paper Porcelain. This collection is inspired by the folding of paper. After realizing the paper prototype, the design was realized in fine ceramics which is a perfect imitation of the original paper material. This collection includes an espresso cup, a coffee cup and saucer, a small plate and a mug.

Are you more interested in a special collection of glassware? In a collaboration with London-based Silo Studio, HAY designed the Tela collection. This glassware collection took it inspiration from the texture of stitched textile and is very unique. The objects from the Tela collection are real eye-catchers on your dinner table!

Online versus Store

Are you not yet sure what you are looking for? Or would you like to see the entire HAY collection in real life? You are more than welcome in one of our HAY stores in Amsterdam or Rotterdam! If you need more information on the HAY furniture collection or other items from our accessories collection, or if you are seeking interior advice, we are happy to help you in one of our stores.

Online: quick and easy

Are you already sure what you want to buy and do you not require any more advice? Then you can order the products online via our webshop Just as easy from your own home and delivered to you for free from orders above €20,-. A very nice way to get your products at home quick and easy.

If you are looking for cheap HAY products, then you might find your perfect item in our outlet for a very good price! We add new bargains on a regular basis, so make sure you check the outlet to find HAY products for the best price!