HAY Thuis dineren

HAY Thuis dineren

Craving some restaurant vibes? As we are limited to our homes, we might want to fancy up our dining area. We have some tips to bring that restaurant setting into your home.  

You just can’t go wrong with HAY’s AAC 23 chairs. Classic, comfortable, versatile, and great chairs that make you want to stick around after dinner. You can choose to get it upholstered in a large number of fabrics, so it will match perfectly with the rest of your interior. Want to make sure you’ve got enough spots for your family and your guests? The CPH30 Extendable, the extendable version of the CPH30, allows you and your guests to have enough space.   

Use these colourful spoons to dress your table up. Combining shapes and colours makes your dining table look more playful.

No dining table is complete without some candlelight. Use our spiral or twisted candles for these gorgeous borosilicate glass candleholders and add some romance to the table! 

Serve ‘em up! These Kaleido trays are perfect to serve some tapas or small bites on. Or use the small trays as a cute little coaster for your cups.  

Making some lemonade or iced tea? Use these jugs to make your beverages look extra special. These funky looking jugs aren’t just super aesthetically pleasing, they’re also made out of borosilicate glass, which makes them extra resistant to heat. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe.

Serve some bread before dinner in these cute Panier baskets. These baskets give your dining area that restaurant look and can also be used for small items. The little baskets are available in different colours and sizes.  

Whether you’re serving cocktails or lemonade, these straws will make sure to improve your drinks. Their cute spiral adds a twist to the drink and the colourful design gives it a nice pop of colour.