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At HAY Online Winkel you can find a nice collection of candleholders. These unique and affordable design candleholders will be a real eyecatcher in your living- or bedroom. Order your favourite design item at HAY Online Winkel and starting at €30,- we will deliver the items for free to the Netherlands and Belgium


Candles & Candle Holders

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€ 5.00

HAY's shiny twisted candles are almost too beautiful to burn: their original shape and unique colors lend themselves perfectly as decorative candles in any interior. They come as 'twist' and 'spiral' versions and in different colors. Handmade from Italy - so each candle is unique. Available per piece.

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€ 45.00

Inspired by the space where digital and physical forms meet, Wang & Söderström’s Candleholders are unique sculptural objects that serve as miniature pieces of art. The organically shaped 3D models are first developed in the designers’ studio, before the candleholders are 3D printed and moulded in porcelain and stoneware at a ceramic factory. Available in different designs and colours, they are ideal for displaying alone or in clusters in many different spaces and contexts.

Please note, all the W&S candle holders will be available from March 2021.

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€ 29.00

Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada and Portuguese designer Rui Pereira joined forces to conceive the Chim Chim aroma diffuser for HAY. Inspired by the idea of a miniature fireplace, Chim Chim combines a modern design with the ancient ritual of burning oils to create your favourite room fragrance. Made in porcelain in three different colours, it is ideal for using in bathrooms and other rooms in the home.
Please note, the scent diffuser currently have a longer delivery time.

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€ 25.00

With the Candle sets you don't have to choose for yourself, but a fine colour palette has already been put together. The original shape and unique colours of the twisted candles lend themselves perfectly as decorative objects in any interior. You can choose from a set of Spiral, Twist or Conical candles. Handcrafted from Italy - so every candle is unique. Available in sets of 6 pieces.

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€ 35.00

Pillar Candle for HAY. Designer Lex Pott uses striking colour combinations and staggered dimensions to create a series of candles with a distinctive and playful design. Create colourful compositions with multiple colored candles or give full attention to one unique pillar candle. Available in a number of assorted colours and designs.

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€ 35.00 € 17.50
HAY's Tela Votive is designed by Silo Studio. This glassware was originally formed by experimenting with blowing molten glass into stitched textile bags. Light, strong and with distinct detailing, these tealight holders create a soft glow.

Set of two pieces.
€ 49.00

Handmade lanterns with colorful handle. The silhouettes are simple and the design is functional. The bamboo lanterns are handmade using traditional methods. The multi-colored handles give the lantern a nice look. The lantern can stand on its own, or you can choose to have several standing next to each other in different sizes.

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€ 35.00 € 17.50

Moment of HAY is designed by Lars Beller Fjetland. This ingenious cast-iron candlestick is designed to automatically extinguish candles just before the wick burns out.

€ 65.00

Inspired by the nails used to create Japanese ikebana floral art, Inga Sempé’s cast iron Fonte Candleholder features an elevated design with protruding spikes on a raised foot. Unique candle compositions can be made by arranging the candles between the spikes, creating elegant displays that counterbalance the rough aesthetic. Fonte is available in two different sizes and is ideal for using as a centrepiece or displaying on a windowsill in many different environments.

€ 59.00

HAY's Stripe Scented Candle collection comprises a variety of hand-painted stoneware containers, each containing different fragrances for your home. Featuring a number of colourful patterns in unique designs, the candle containers can be used for decorative or storage purposes once the Scented Candle has been used.

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€ 35.00 € 17.50

HAY’s Spot Votive is a set of glass tealight holders in graduating shades of colour. Available as a set of five in different colour combinations.

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Lup Candleholder

The Lup candleholder is one of HAY's bestsellers. It is a great addition for any interior. HAY Lup is available in black and brass and you can choose between different shapes, do you go for the triangle or the square?

Glass designs

HAY's Tela Votive is designed by Silo Studio. These glass tea light holders are inspired by the texture of stitched textiles. Flare is also made of glass. The coloured borosilicate glass with a tinted edge creates an elegant and distinct appearance.


The HAY W&S candle holder is a striking appearance in your interior. Thanks to its organic shape it is a unique art object. The Moment candleholder is one of HAY’s newest additions to the collection. Moment is designed by Lars Beller Fjetland and is made of cast iron. This ingenious cast-iron candlestick is designed to automatically extinguish candles just before the wick burns out.

Colourful candles

The twisted candles of HAY are the trend of the moment. You have a choice of spiral and twist candles that you can perfectly combine with Flare or a W&S candlestick. Available per piece or in a set. Are you looking for a statement version? Then the Pillar Candle by designer Lex Pott is a good option. The striking color combinations and different sizes create a distinctive and playful design.

Online vs. Store

You don't exactly know what you're looking for? Or would you like to see the collection of candleholder first in real life before making a purchase? No problem, because at HAY we are more than happy to help you! You're welcome to in one of our HAY stores in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Online: fast and easy

Are the shops closed and you don’t need our advice or any of the physical stores? Order the products online in our webshop, easy does it! We offer the entire HAY collection of candleholders in our webshop. Also notable: starting at €30,-, HAY Online Winkel delivers the home accessories to the Netherlands and Belgium for free.

Looking for a nice and affordable HAY candleholder online? Maybe you can find your dream copy in our outlet for a nice price. We often update it with new products, so make sure to check regularly.