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€ 22.00

Featuring a classic circular lantern design in lightweight paper and ribbed bamboo frame, HAY’s Rice Paper lampshade emits a soft light and can be used anywhere in the home. Available in three sizes.

Note: Cord set is not included.

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€ 515.00
Ana Kraš’ Bonbon Lamp for HAY is a hand-woven lantern that is made by wrapping cotton-wool yarn around powder-coated steel frames to create individual lampshades that vary slightly in their appearance and texture. To be used as hanging lamp or table lamp.

Note: Cord set is not included.
€ 149.00

Pierre Charpin’s PC Pendant is a refined pendant lamp. The lamps are constructed in anodized aluminium, which makes the surface more resistant to corrosion. The light source is hidden from view, creating a soft directional downlight effect. HAY's PC Pendant Lamp is available in a variety of sizes and colours, and are suitable for both contract and domestic markets.

€ 495.00

HAY's Nelson Ball Bubble Pendant is a full, perfectly round sphere that fills any interior with a warm, diffused light. A steel ceiling plate allows it to delicately float overhead. George Nelson was inspired by a set of silkcovered Swedish hanging lamps when he originally designed the Bubble Lamp series in 1952.

€ 495.00

Part of the Nelson Bubble Lamp series, the Nelson Cigar Bubble Pendant has the rounded shape of its namesake, with clean parallel lines accentuating its spherical silhouette. The lamp comes with a steel ceiling plate, which allows it to it delicately float overhead. George Nelson designed the Bubble Lamp series in 1952.

€ 495.00

The Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant’s wide surface area diffuses soft light into any interior. A steel ceiling plate allows it to delicately float overhead. George Nelson was inspired by a set of silkcovered Swedish hanging lamps when he originally designed the Bubble Lamp series in 1952.

€ 540.00

The Nelson Saucer Crisscross Bubble Pendant is part of the Nelson Bubble Lamp series. Inspired by a set of silk-covered Swedish hanging lamps, George Nelson designed the series in 1952. Beyond the soft light this lamp casts, it features a unique crisscross pattern that adds an interesting contour to the shade.

€ 189.00

HAY's Sinker Pendant Light is beautifully proportioned and is made from injection moulded ABS and contains an acrylic convex diffuser that emits an even warm illumination. The shade is supplied in black, red, dusty grey or white finish and comes with a dimmable LED bulb. The pendant is available in large and small.


€ 35.00

A versatile ceiling mounted Cord Set that allows for multiple cable configurations. The ceiling mount is round, made from ABS plastic and contains a magnet for easy fitting. The fabric cable can be adjusted in length to suit the environment. The design is compatible with all HAY shades.

€ 129.00

HAY's 30Degrees Pendant Lamp is designed by Johan van Hengel. This young furniture and product designer creates a simple, elegant and useful design. 30Degrees is a series of veneered oak lamps with cordset that utilise a 30 degree angle to create a continuous woodgrain pattern. This lamp is available in different dimensions in natural.

€ 49.00

With its colourful glow, HAY’s Neon Tube enables you to create an artistic atmosphere in any space by hanging it or leaving it standing upright against a wall. Available in a wide range of bright colours that can be used separately or as a multiple light installation.

Please note: Neon Tube warm white and yellow has a delivery time longer than 9 weeks.

In stock / Delivery time Warm White longer than 9 weeks
€ 139.00

HAY’s Pao collection of lamps is an exciting collaboration with established Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. Pao is named after the soft, glowing shape of traditional Mongolian Pao tents.

By keeping the aesthetics modest and simple, he brings the design into harmony with its environment, reinforcing his primary intention of making the atmosphere pleasant and comfortable. The pendant’s shades are crafted from steel with a high-gloss finish and are available in different sizes and colours. Their functionality and the deliberate simplicity of the design make them suitable for a wide range of spaces and uses in domestic and corporate environments.

€ 419.00

Pierre Charpin’s PC Linear Pendant is the latest member to join the family of PC lamps. The design shares the same simple and elegant profile that is present in the rest of the family. The PC Linear’s shade is pressed from a single aluminium component with a wet-sprayed finish. The linear design is ideal for suspending over meeting- or dining tables, as well as for illuminating exhibition shelves in commercial spaces. The PC Linear is available in black or white and is suitable for both contract and domestic use.

Minimalistic, colourful and graphic

HAY's pendant lights are available in all shapes and sizes. The Bonbon Lamp is a handwoven lantern of wool yarn and can be used as a hanging lamp or table lamp. The minimalistic Bubble Lamp series is designed by George Nelson and consists of several beautifully shaped hanging lamps.

Affordable design

Looking for an affordable lampshade? Maybe the Rice Paper Lamp is just for you! This lampshade gives a nice soft light and can be used anywhere in the house. This classic round lampshade is made of lightweight rice paper. Another affordable hanging lamp is the PC Pendant by Pierre Charpin. This design lamp is made of anodized aluminum and is for sale in different sizes and colours.

Online vs. Store

You don’t exactly know what you’re looking for? Or would you like to see the hanging lamp collection first in real life before making a purchase? No problem, because at HAY we are more than happy to help you! You're welcome in one of our HAY stores in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Online: fast and easy

You don’t need our advice or any of the physical stores? Order your favourite hanging lamp online in our webshop, easy does it! We offer the entire HAY lighting collection in our webshop. Also notable: HAY Online Winkel delivers the items to your home for free. We deliver in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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