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HAY's collection of shelves, cabinets & storage consists of unique and affordable items of great quality. From wall shelves and bookcases to sideboards and modular shelving systems. Order your favourite design items and choose for free, quick and easy home delivery.


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€ 265.00

Inspired by the raw functionality of commercial steel shelving solutions, HAY's Standard Issue goes back to basics intent on exposing the beauty in the bare essence of an object. The form has been reinterpreted with a sharper silhouette and renewed sense of scale, while retaining its function and strength. This shelving system is designed to be used in both commercial and domestic environments.

€ 509.00

Eiffel Shelf is part of HAY's Eiffel collection. Eiffel is based on a simple layering principal. Depping & Jørgensen have created a flexible and multifunctional range of shelving units and tables. The shelving systems and tables are available in diverse colours, heights and shapes, making them suitable for use in a wide range of private and public contexts.

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€ 59.00

Bracket by HAY is designed by Sylvain Willenz. This wall panel is made from one single pressed sheet of steel. The inspiration for this object is the archetypal and common shelf-bracket, generally reserved for use in the garage or the workshop. Here the bracket principle is celebrated and re-contextualised for the living environment. Bracket is available in different colours and sizes.


€ 75.00

Pivot by HAY is designed by Lex Pott. A circle has been cut, spun around and folded in new ways. This beautiful piece of design is available in different colours. This eye-catcher is perfect for in your living room or bed room!

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New Order by HAY is a ground-breaking shelving system in aluminium that allows for endless variations. Stefan Diez is the designer of this new shelving system. This shelving system is made of aluminum and has optional wooden panel doors. A system that is very practical and beautiful for both office and home.

€ 1,049.00

Woody is a modern interpretation of a traditional ladder inspired shelving system. With no apparent front and back it works well as a freestanding piece of furniture as well as good shelving system for against a wall. Woody is created in the spirit of modernism. Nothing in the construction is hidden, all joints are visible and all parts are industrially manufactured.

HAY Design Shelving System

Looking for a design shelving unit? Then HAY Online Winkel is the place to be! At HAY we sell various shelving units. Looking for an nice and airy open bookcase? Or are looking for a handy and minimalistic wall shelf? At HAY Online Winkel you can find the extensive collection.

Multifunctional and innovative shelving system

HAY’s New Order is a multifunctional and innovative shelving system, made of powder coated aluminum. The shelving system, designed by Stefan Diez, is the perfect solution for home and office environments! The furniture can be used as separate elements or combined. Combine open and closed compartments for a playful character. In addition, the New Order units are also suitable for your living room or bedroom. How about a self-assembled bookcase or dresser?

Affordable design on the wall

HAY’s Standard Issue is inspired by functional steel shelving systems. The steel construction is made of powder coated steel and has an industrial look. This versatile and practical wall shelf is for sale in 3 different sizes. Are you looking for a minimalistic and contemporary wall shelf? The Bracket, designed by Sylvain Willenz, is made from one sheet of pressed steel. The inspiration for the bookshelf originated from the typical wall brackets that are often used in workshops.

Eiffel Collection

HAY’s Eiffel collection was designed by Depping & Jørgensen and consists of various shelves, coffee and side tables. The Eiffel Shelves are available in different colours and heights, making them suitable for both private and public areas.

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Order the products online in our webshop, easy does it! We offer the entire HAY collection of shelves and storage units in our webshop. Also notable: HAY Online Winkel delivers the shelves and storage units to your home for free. Looking for a nice and affordable HAY design pieces online? Maybe you can find your dream copy in our outlet for a nice price. We often update it with new products, so make sure to check regularly.

Questions about your design shelves?

You don't exactly know what you're looking for? Or would you like to see the collection first in real life before making a purchase? No problem, because at HAY we are more than happy to help you! You're welcome to in one of our HAY stores in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.