Storage Decor

Looking for unique and affordable design storage containers? At HAY Online Winkel you can find an extensive minimalistic design collection for the living room. Order your favourite items at HAY Online Winkel and we will deliver your storage items to your home for free to the Netherlands and Belgium.


Storage Decor

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€ 29.00

This handy and practical plastic Tool Box is designed by Shane Schneck. This Tool Box has extra compartments at the sides and top of the handle to optimise storage space. This Box is available in two colours.

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€ 20.00

Clara von Zweigbergk combines contrasting colours with a slanted folding technique to create a playful and colourful wastepaper bin that will brighten up any room. Made from FSC recycled paper, the Paper Paper Bin’s protective coating means it can be used for other kinds of waste disposal, as well as serving decorative and storage purposes. It is available in several different colour combinations.

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€ 29.00

Candy-coloured stripes create a bright and playful design in HAY's Candy Wash Bag. Crafted in recycled polypropylene, the bag features a sturdy zip fastening. Different colour combinations to choose from.

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€ 49.00 € 24.50

Get organised with HAY's Box Box boxes. These boxes are made in thick cardboard and have a matching lid. Combine different colours and sizes of these sophisticated storage boxes to organise your office supplies, jewellery and other smaller items.

Set of 4 pcs.

€ 18.00

Container by HAY is a practical glass jar with a matching lid. Use this jar made of borosilicate glass for organising and storing small items. This Container is available in three sizes in different tones of glass. 

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€ 189.00

Handmade in Nepal using traditional craft methods, Bead Basket is made from hundreds of felt balls that are individually hand rolled into colourful graphic patterns, creating a distinctive and decorative storage solution for most rooms in the home. Available with or without handles in different designs and colours. Please note that as all our baskets are made by hand, they may vary slightly in size.

€ 35.00

Made in perforated iron, HAY’s multifunctional Perforated Bin can be used for storing a variety of items, such as office waste, laundry, umbrellas and many more. Available in two different colours and sizes.

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€ 49.00 € 24.50

Designed for storing toiletries and other travel essentials, HAY’s Hue Wash Bag is made from Mode fabric from Maharam and features a plastic lining and a sturdy zip closure. Available in different colours.

€ 35.00 € 17.50

Designed for storing makeup and other beauty products, HAY’s Hue Makeup Bag is made from Mode fabric from Maharam and features a plastic lining and a sturdy zip closure. Available in different colours.

€ 29.00 € 14.50

HAY's Colour Crate is a multifunctional, coloured crate, available in different colours. The folding crates are convenient to use and the trendy colours make them stand out in any room as a decorative crate.

Colour Crate in the size L is going out of the collection. This is your last chance to buy.

HAY Bestseller

Can you use some help to organize and clean up important paperwork and other stuff? Don’t look any further, because at HAY we have something for everyone. How about our bestselling Colour Crate? These coloured crates are multifunctional and stackable. These crates are available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Small storage

At HAY we also sell small and smart storage for your living room. How about the Split Tray, designed by Phil Procter? This tray has two useful separate compartments. Container is a minimalistic design glass storage jar with matching lid. This smart container is the perfect solution to store small items and is available in different colours and sizes.

Boxes and Bins

Do you need larger storage solutions? No problem! For example, choose the handy and colourful Box Box storage boxes. In these boxes you can store your paperwork, photos and other goodies at once. Or how about HAY's multifunctional Perforated Bin? This bin can be used to store all sorts of items, such as office waste, laundry, umbrellas and much more.

Online vs. Store

You don’t exactly know what you’re looking for or would you like to see the collection of storage first in real life before making a purchase? No problem, because at HAY we are more than happy to help you! You're welcome to in one of our HAY stores in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Online: fast and easy

You don’t need our advice or any of the physical stores? Order your favourite storage items in our webshop, easy does it! We offer the entire HAY collection storage items in our webshop. Also notable: starting at €30,-, HAY Online Winkel delivers the storage items to your home for free to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Looking for a nice and affordable HAY storage items online? Maybe you can find your dream copy in our outlet for a nice price. We often update it with new products, so make sure to check regularly.